Social commitment

Sewn export

This project of SEWN EXPORT (PVT) LTD not only focuses on environment and business. But concerns upon our commitments towards the society. First of all, our intention is to stop the pollution of our beautiful earth by recycling paper waste.

We proudly say that we are able to give a part solution for country’s one of biggest economic issues UNEMPLOYMENT by opening rooms for unemployed people through the establishment of this project. It is right to say that smiles could be seen on the faces of many families which they are fed through the employment of their beloved ones who contribute to reform the wastages which destroys the entire environment with SEWN’s. Apart from these affairs, we encourage individuals who are interested to contribute for the betterment of environment. Simply we guide them to involve themselves in environmental activities by collecting post consumed paper waste and supply to us for recycling. Gradually they stabilize their foundation and develop with their own commitment as we drive the major part. This gives them an opportunity to stand by their own feet and crown them to be successful entrepreneurs as well.

As a summary, extractions of every contribution clearly indicates the rewards and benefits tasted by the society by supporting to help save our mother nature and the beautiful earth. Being an environment friendly organization, we always appreciate people who contribute their sincere participation to help save the environment for the sake of future generation.

That’s why our theme is built, to recognize the value of our stakeholders.